LifeGuard of Virginia Home Medical Response System
Elderly LadyProviding Seniors and their families with Peace of Mind.

She was home alone when the accident happened.  If only someone had been there, help could have arrived within minutes.  It was 10 hours later when the neighbors found her, hurt, scared and desperately alone.  In her condition, she could have never made it to the telephone.  Could she have even been able to remember your phone number through her pain?  The doctor says her broken leg will heal.  But can her security in living her life independently be mended?  And what about your feelings?  Will you always feel frightened that something like this could happen to her again?

"This picture happens every day in the United States."  Statistics show the average time spent before being rescued is over 14 hours.  LIFEGUARD can be there 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  When emergencies or fear strike, the touch of a button  on a small transmitter can bring the comforting voice of our live, professionally trained emergency operator.  Ready to help.  Perhaps only to call you or a neighbor or maybe to dispatch an ambulance.  But ready to help your loved one in minutes, not hours.

Simple monthly rental of our system.  Nothing to buy.  Use only as long as needed."  Billing by Visa, MasterCard, or personal check.
Economical.  24 hour protection for under 5 cents per hour.
Monitored by professionally trained operators who understand the special needs of Seniors.  Our monitoring station exceeds industry standards and is certified by UNDERWRITERS LABORATORY.
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