Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can someone hear me thru LIFEGUARD all the time?

    No. You can only be heard if you activate LIFEGUARD with your pendant. When you use your pendant, the unit will send out a loud noise letting you know you’ve activated LIFEGUARD. The Operator will ask you if you can hear them, and if everything is alright.

  • Is someone locally monitoring me?

    No. LIFEGUARD is monitored by a hand picked, professionally trained and bonded staff. Each operator has been trained to be helpful and caring with seniors.

  • What if the power goes out at the monitoring station?

    Our monitoring station is Underwriters Laboratory tested and certified. Which means only the best for you. Our central station has multiple backup systems for power and communication.

  • What if my power goes out?

    LIFEGUARD is equipped with a 12 hour battery backup. If your power goes out it will automatically go on battery power. When your power returns, the battery power will go back to charge.

  • Will LIFEGUARD prevent me from using my telephone or increase my phone bill?

    No. LIFEGUARD only uses your telephone when activated. The emergency operator is connected to you by a toll free number.

  • What happens if the operator can’t hear me?

    Since this is an emergency system, the operator will assume that something severe has happened and will take appropriate action.

  • What is the range of LIFEGUARD?

    The remote control range of our standard Homelifeguard is 250-300 feet, covering about 2 square acres. The Homelifeguard Plus has a remote range of about 2 times that distance. Both units have a voice-to-voice range averaging 2000+ square feet. Remember, even if we cannot hear you, your press of a button will get help on the way.

  • How long will the batteries in the pendant last?

    The Lithium Battery in your pendant is good for about 50,000 pushes.

  • Can I wear the pendant in the shower?

    Yes. The pendant is completely waterproof and for your protection, you should wear it all the time whether over or under your clothes.

  • What if I push the button by mistake?

    Not a problem. Just tell the operator it was a mistake and that you don’t have an emergency. Just remember they are there for you in case of any emergency. We encourage our clients never to hesitate to activate the unit.

  • What do I have to buy?

    Nothing. The unit is rented on a monthly basis. Our initial startup is 30 days. After that time it is monthly, quarterly or annually. It’s totally up to you.

  • How is LIFEGUARD billed?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, personal check. All service is paid one month in advance so your system is never off-line. You may choose from monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or yearly billing. Our monthly fee is $26.95.

Still have questions? We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Contact LIFEGUARD today!

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