Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can someone hear me through the On the Go all the time?

    NO …only when activated by you and connected to call center.

  • On the Go uses cell phone signals…do I need a cell phone or will this increase my cell phone bill?

    NO…On the Go is completely self contained.. All services are included in your monthly service.

  • What if I push the button by mistake?

    You can tell the operator it was an accident and that you are ok.

  • Can I wear On the Go in the shower?

    YES, the unit is designed to be highly water resistant.

  • How Long will On the Go operate on a battery charge?

    On the Go is designed to operate over 24 hours on a single charge..It will also play a pre-recorded message to notify you of a weak battery.

  • Are there limitations of On the GO?

    YES, device must be used within cellular carrier coverage…Please ask us if On the Go can work in your area.

Still have questions? We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Contact LIFEGUARD today!

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