How Lifeguard Works

How Does LIFEGUARD Home Medical Response System work?

A small, waterproof emergency transmitter pendant is worn around the neck. One touch of a button on the transmitter activates the Response Unit from a range up to 250 feet. Your response unit then connects to our Emergency Response Center using your telephone line. A trained professional emergency operator is then able to both talk to and hear you through your response unit. The operator can decide what type of help you need and contact them for you whether it’s the paramedics, fire department, police, family, or a neighbor. If you are unable to communicate, the emergency operator will immediately notify your community paramedics to respond to your address.

Sample exchange between a client and a LIFEGUARD emergency response operator:

OperatorOperator: "Mrs. Smith, this is Joan with LIFEGUARD."
Mrs. SmithMrs. Smith: "I've fallen and twisted my ankle."
OperatorOperator: "Mrs. Smith, I'm calling your neighbor, Mrs. Todd, to come help."

"Mrs. Todd, this is Joan at LIFEGUARD.  Mrs. Smith has fallen and twisted her ankle.  Can you check on her?"

Mrs. ToddMrs. Todd: "I'm on my way."
OperatorOperator: "Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Todd is on her way.  I'm right here with you."
* The LIFEGUARD operator will not leave contact with your loved one until the emergency is completely over.
OperatorOperator: "Mrs. Todd, are you there?"
Mrs. ToddMrs. Todd: "Yes, I'm here.  Her ankle looks pretty bad."
OperatorOperator: "I'm calling an ambulance, Mrs. Todd.  Please stay right there."
* All local emergency telephone numbers and your personal emergency information are displayed on the operator's computer screen when your LIFEGUARD is activated.
OperatorOperator: "This is LIFEGUARD. We have a medical emergency and need an ambulance at 123 Cherry Lane. Patient has a possible broken ankle."

"Ladies, I have help on the way."

"Mrs. Jones, this is Joan at LIFEGUARD. Your mother has fallen and twisted her ankle. Mrs. Todd is with her and they are on their way to the emergency room."

Mrs. JonesMrs. Jones: "Thank you for calling. I'll meet them there."

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