Help at the Touch of a Button!

lifeguard-home-equipmentSeniors and others living at home alone often are faced with a dilemma. If I fall, if I become ill, if I hear a strange noise at night…HOW will I get help? What if it is an everyday need…WHO can help me?

The LIFEGUARD Personal Emergency Response System allows you to live alone with peace of mind that someone is available to help every day of the year, 24 hours a day.



A small waterproof emergency transmitter pendant is worn around the neck or as a wristlet like a watch. One touch of a button on the transmitter activates the response unit, which then makes a connection via your telephone line to our emergency call center. A trained professional emergency operator is then able to both talk to you and hear you through your response unit. Our operator can then determine the help you need and contact the paramedics, fire department, police, family, or a neighbor. And it you are unable to communicate with the operator for any reason, we will send help to make sure you are okay.

Click here for a sample exchange between a client and a LIFEGUARD emergency response operator.

Monthly Equipment and Service is only $26.95!

Still have questions? Visit our Home LIFEGUARD FAQ.

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